Sponsor one of our animals

Even if you’re not able to adopt, you can help by sponsoring a dog or cat at the Centre who has touched your heart.

We never know how long an animal may have to stay at Lanta Animal Welfare until they find an adopter and your contribution of as little as 27 USD/35 GBP/23 Euros per month will help us provide daily care and veterinary treatment for your chosen dog or cat until a new, loving home is found. A regular monthly contribution will directly impact the  quality of life for an animal in need.

To sponsor an animal, set up a monthly donation of $27 USD on our donation page. Then email [email protected] and tell them which dog or cat you would like to sponsor.

As a sponsor, you’ll get regular updates and photos of your dog or cat and we’ll keep you posted on progress with their adoption.

Please get in touch with [email protected] for more details.