Flight Volunteers WANTED!

Traveling overseas or back home? Be a HERO and help our rescue animals who have been adopted to get to their new homes.

Flight volunteering for Lanta Animal Welfare is EASY and will cost you nothing. We arrange everything for you including all paperwork. You will feel amazing knowing you helped to take an animal to their deserving forever home! Don’t hesitate, DO IT!



- one cat SOOTY to Dusseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, GERMANY


- one cat NYYTI to Helsinki, FINLAND

- one dog JASMINE to Helsinki, FINLAND

- one cat CHILLI to Munich, GERMANY


- one dog MUSTARD to Helsinki, FINLAND

- one dog HONEY to Stockholm, SWEDEN


- one dog SCOTTY to Hannover, Hamburg, Koln, Dusseldorf, GERMANY

- one cat HAZE to Geneva, SWITZERLAND


- one cat TOBY to Copenhagen, DENMARK


- three cats LUNA, BURMA & LAO to New York, USA

How it works:

  1. Send us your flight itinerary: Where you are flying to, date, time, flight reservation numbers and the name of the airline
  1. Send us your contact details: If your flight looks good we need you to send us your contact details back home and contact number here in Thailand if any, and a copy of your passport (a clear photo or a scanned image of the latter to start the paperwork).
  1. We will put you in touch with the adopter if the animal is confirmed on the flight, so that you can exchange all your contact details.
  2. Meet the animal at the airport: On the day you fly, a LAW representative will meet you at the airport and hand over the animal, along with the paperwork required to take the animal to its destination. We can also help you check in.
  3. Handover the animal once landed to the adopter: Once you have arrived at the airport of your destination, pick up the animal at a special luggage counter and after passing through  customs you can hand over the dog or cat to the very grateful adopter who have been waiting for so long to be reunited with their pet.


  • We need minimum 10 working days to organise the paperwork, sometimes longer so the sooner you send the flights the easier to organise all the paperwork and logistics.
  • Minimal flight duration and layovers required (nothing more than 5 hours)
  • Flights should be within the same airline/group
  • You can fly out from Trang/Krabi/Phuket or Bangkok
  • Flights via Hong Kong and mainland China cannot be used


GOOD AIRLINES TO EUROPE: Aeroflot, Thai airways, Finnair, Austrian, Lufthansa, Air France, KLM

GOOD AIRLINES TO N.AMERICA: Korean Air, JAL,EVA,ANA Thai Airways, China Airlines

Not good airlines: Emirates, Qatar, Norwegian Air, Chinese Eastern and most budget airlines and charter flights.

N.B Unfortunately, flying directly in to the UK with animals can be costly, so often the cheapest way we can send animals there is overland from Brussels or Amsterdam. Again, please get in touch with us.

If you wish to help get some animals to their new homes, and would like more information on becoming a flight volunteer, please email [email protected]