How you can help

Below are some examples of what we are most in need of, but there are many more ways you can help us! Please use the drop down menu above for more information.


Adopting one of our beautiful dogs or cats is one of the biggest ways you can help us and is much, much easier than you think! If you are interested in giving one of our furry friends a loving forever home, please see here for all the information you need and feel free to visit  or contact us.

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We receive no official funding and still rely heavily on financial support from Time For Lime, the bar, restaurant and cooking school run by our founder Junie Kovacs. Donations are also gratefully received from the local community, tourists and animal lovers all over the world.

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One of our most urgent and costly needs is medical supplies. In addition, we are in constant need of more general items. We have a limited budget to support constant demand so we often need to rely on the kindness of people to provide us with basics.

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With approximately 100 animals in our care, we cannot survive without volunteers. If you are a vet, vet nurse or simply someone who is passionate about animals and their welfare, please see here for how you can help us.

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