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“One day I’ll do something good, one day I’ll volunteer, one day I’ll go far away and experience something that will change my life.” 

Why wait? Whatever your job is back home, and whether you have experience with animals or not, we need you.


Volunteers at LAW

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General volunteers

You’ll need a willingness to commit to hard work and a passion to help the cats and dogs on the beautiful island of Lanta, Thailand. A love of animals is essential but you’ll also need to be hard-working, motivated, friendly and mature, regardless of age (it’s all about your attitude). Working with us is an immensely rewarding and fulfilling experience but it’s no walk in the park, it requires commitment. This is a working holiday, and it is hard work including cleaning, gardening, maintenance and animal welfare duties. You’ll meet loads of great people and we know you’ll have lots of fun, but the animals come first. You’ll be expected to start your shift on time – this includes alternate 7.00am starts, so please think carefully about whether you’ll be able to commit to this – if the answer’s yes. Great.

Host volunteers

We also have limited places available for hosting volunteers, who would work in our reception and shop. You still get all the benefits of working with the animals too, but if you have experience in retail or reception, this might be better suited to your skills. Your help in getting in donations and payments, will help the centre to survive!


The cost to volunteer at Lanta Animal Welfare is

  • 5000 Baht for the first month
  • 2500 Baht for the second month and
  • 1000 Baht per month thereafter

We ask you to pay a 10,000 Baht deposit and the remainder will be returned to you at the end of your stay, provided that:
(a) you do not cancel your placement before arrival
(b) you remain with LAW for the duration of your placement
(c) your placement is not terminated early by LAW
(d) you leave your room clean and as you found it (if using our free on site rooms).

The same payment applies, even when we cannot offer you accommodation on-site (first come first served). Please note that the best way to refund your deposit is by PayPal not cash (because we get charged fees when we withdraw cash).

The minimum stay is 1 month and the maximum 3 months – although this can be extended in certain cases. We require all volunteers to be at least 20 years of age.

All our volunteer and vet information packs plus application forms (see below) provide very detailed information. If you have questions, please check first that they are not already answered in the packs before emailing us. If you can’t find the answer there, please email [email protected]

Vet volunteers

If you’re a qualified vet and would like to contribute longer term to controlling the overpopulation of strays and relieving the pain of suffering animals, then this is for you. You will need to be ready to work in hard conditions and witness difficult situations. You will sterilise animals on a daily basis as well as examine and treat pets. You will be on call out of hours to deal with emergencies and will sometimes be out roaming the island for strays as well. Most or our experienced volunteer vests have come back again and again, both because of the atmosphere,  but also the diverse cases they encounter daily-which they would never encounter at home.
We particularly welcome experienced vets and vet nurses. Vet students should contact us by email [email protected] to enquire about general volunteering.

All successful candidates will need to be mature, hard working, enthusiastic, ready to learn new things and proactive. Numbers are limited and we fill up very rapidly – please make sure you contact us with as much notice as possible.

Our local funding partner, Time for Lime offers all long-term volunteers (minimum 1 month stay) a free cooking class, staff prices at the bar and a 50% discount on food at the restaurant. That’s three more good reasons to come and help.


Information pack downloads
General Volunteer information pack (vets and vet nurses must also read this)
Vet Volunteer information pack


Application form downloads

General Volunteer application form

Vet Volunteer application form

Download volunteer experiences

Volunteer experience PDF1.
Volunteer’s experience PDF2.

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