We need visitors


We would be delighted to welcome you to our animal centre, where you can see our work for yourselves! Our volunteers will happily provide you with a guided tour of the facility and introduce you to our beautiful animals.

Our centre is open to visitors every day from 09.00am to 5.00pm

What you can do?

Take a Tour:

During the months of May-October, being low on volunteers we have only 2 guided tours happening at 11 am and 3 pm everyday. However, drop in when you can and we might still be able to arrange a tour for you depending on the availability of staff and volunteers.

Dog Walking/Cat Cuddling:

Why not take one or two of our dogs for a walk ? In hot season it’s best to meet up around 09 am or around 4pm. All our animals are friendly and loving and like nothing more than a run on the beach or a splash in the river. Or just sit and chill out with them.
Alternatively, you may want to spend some time cuddling our 50+ cats and kittens!

Help us with daily tasks:

Everything from: Shampooing, de-ticking, grooming, socialising, dog-training, various cleaning tasks, gardening and raking, weeding,in the dog areas and around the location, trimming trees, watering plants, deep-cleaning ; the tasks are endless and it depends on what you can do, hopefully independently as the volunteers are busy trying to get through their daily tasks.



Please remember that we do not get any governmental financial help, even though we help the community both people and animals. Sooo…. Even though we do offer tours for “free” the volunteers do take time off from animal tasks to show you around, it’s only donations from you that keep us going and helping animals in need.


Do your shopping, while helping animals in need at the same time!

We have a small but nice merchandise shop. All sales go directly to help animals in need, so please go on a shopping spree!
Various cool/good quality Tops, T-shirts, Tanks, Dresses, Caps for both sexes.
“I’m drinking for a good cause” – drink coolers,  Super quality sport caps that can be washed and washed again, Calendars, Hand made bookmarks, Our famous Eco bags and more ;o)