Fundraising for Lanta Animal Welfare


Do Your own fundraiser for the animals of Koh Lanta. Big or small every penny counts.

Visit our fundraising platforms and create your own fundraising page or just get your friends and family involved to do your own fundraiser.

It maybe something simple as a Bake Sale, A Bring N' Buy or something big like running a marathon, Bungee Jumping, Sky Diving, Walk for A Cause. Anything you want to do that is fun!

Visit or and create your fundraiser.

We'd like to hear your ideas and inspire others!

Read below about some of the Heroes who've made the world a better place.

Young Kelsey raises $300 to help sterilise animals

After holidaying in Thailand and seeing all the homeless sick and injured animals, American school girl Kelsey and her family were so inspired to help control the overpopulation of cats and dogs they single-handedly funded a mobile clinic project for us to sterilise all the cats at Beyond Resort, where they stayed in Muang beach, Krabi.

but their work did not stop there…..  once home, Kelsey made greeting cards and cat charm bracelets to sell outside her local coffee shop, raising awareness of our vital sterilisation work to end animal suffering, and a staggering $300 for Lanta Animal Welfare.

We are so grateful for this kind of support as we receive no government funding.


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Young Eline and her school mates raises 16,000 TBH to help the animals of Koh Lanta

Eline and her family visited Lanta Animal Welfar a few years ago and were impressed with the work carried out by that when her school offered the chance to raise funds for a project of their choice she did not hesitate to nominate LAW.

Out of the 50 nominations her project became 1 of the 2 that were chosen. Her school mates took part in a run that raised funds for the 2 programs that were split half and half.

Last year Eline and her family visited LAW again and personally handed over the cash received.

A heartfelt appreciation goes out to Elaine and her school friends who supported towards the fundraiser.