Success Stories

Below are just a few of the lucky ones who found homes outside Thailand with the help of  Lanta Animal Welfare!

Bobby- Adopted to Germany
All our volunteers knew what a naughty cat Bobby was, always defying obstacles and trying to sneak inside the centre where cats are not allowed.

However eventually almost everybody starts to warm upto Bobby’s antics.

Bobby came in when he was a kitten when he was found being abused. He stayed at the centre for almost 2 years. Always chilled and cool.

Then came Tamara and her family who decided to adopt him.

He flew to Germany in June of 2016 and  is keeping to his true self being cheeky, charming cool and calm just as he was here.He is currently in the process of trying the charm on his older sister who is not that impressed by this Thai boy but we are certain that even Cleo won’t be able to resist Bobby’s worldly charm for too long!

Skyla- Adopted to Germany
Skyla and her sister were rescued by a few of our volunteers when they were on the nearby island Phi Phi as they were being taken to the sea by a man with the intention of drowning them

Her sister was adopted locally whilst Skyla was adopted by Felice and her family in Germany who are very much in love with her albeit her slight shyness of bigger dogs. Her new owners describe her as a sweet and very intelligent doggie.

Considering her traumatic past Skylar did indeed grow up to be a wonderful laid back pup who is a fine example of what some TLC can do.

Ivy- Adopted to UK
Ivy came from the mainland with her  2 sisters with massive maggot filled wounds on the back of their necks.

While they only came to the centre for treatment they were all able to charm themselves into finding forever homes.

Ivy was adopted by one of our volunteers who was here at the time and flew to the UK in April of 2016.

We hear that Ivy is a bit of a star in the neighborhood now with her exotic beautiful appearance.She goes for walks and car rides and of course snoozin away in comfort.


Nit Noy- Adopted to Germany 
Nit Noy and her sister were rescued after being found under a drain in the rain, rescued by a couple who were living on the island. The initial plan was for the 2 sisters to fly to the UK but the adoption fell through due to unavoidable circumstances.

However, it was a happy ending for Nit Noy who caught the attention of a family who met her when they were visiting the centre and decided to offer her a forever home.

Nit Noy (Left) is now living with her new family since April 2016.

Storm- Adopted to Sweden 
Storm came to LAW as a puppy creeping into the dog areas after a heavy storm (hence the name). She was such a lovely dog who was at the centre for a while before her new family found her and fell in love with her.

Storm has a small build so naturally they were concerned about how well she will adapt to the very cold climate in the North of Sweden where they are living but Storm has awed all with the way she has adjusted herself enjoying long hiking trips with her parents and at one point it seemed like she might have been “tracking a reindeer” with her highly attuned senses.

It has indeed been a wonder to hear how the once shy Storm has transformed herself and is doing so well with her new family

Penny- Adopted to Canada 

Penny and her sisters were dumped at the centre last year but soon found homes. While two of the sisters found homes right here on Koh Lanta, Penny who was the feisty one of the litter was adopted to Canada earlier in 2016 while the other sister went to the UK.

Penny has a big family of 3 siblings and her new mum and dad. She’s made many friends in the neighborhood too.

See her Penny in action in this video on our Facebook page :

Uno- Adopted to Sweden 
Uno was abandoned by his original owners and Mia who was on the island at the time offered to foster him and as it happens her mother fell in love with Uno and very soon Uno was getting ready to fly to Sweden.

He went to Sweden in April 2016 and here he is (Right) with his brother who was also adopted from Koh Lanta, enjoying the cooler climate.

IMG_0270 Rosie- Adopted to Sweden 
Rosie and her family of siblings came to the centre with her very feral mum in April 2015. The pups were all lucky to have found homes almost immediately but Rosie and her sister had to wait a bit longer before the right family came along and they did. In fact it didn’t take very long for them to fall in love with her after they met her.

She went to Sweden to her new family and an older brother as well.

She now goes walks by lakes and hiking too.

DENG- Adopted Locally
Deng turned up at Time For Lime Bar/B&B (LAW’s only sponsor) , skinny and in shambles a few years ago and decided he was just going to stay there. He lived with his best bud Dam and later moved to the LAW centre to see if an unsuspecting human would catch his eye and he could adopt them or himself. And he did!

He found a great home locally on the island with a lovely family. He has plenty of room to run around and a goat he now calls his brother ;D

Konee Adopted-Now in UK!
Konee came to LAW after she met with an accident that cost her, a hind leg. She  had an owner who never came back for her s she ended up joining our feline gang at the LAW centre.

But it was all a good thing because Jack and Katherine who visited LAW soon found her hopping around the center and fell in love with her so much that they wanted to take her home.

They returned to get her when she was ready to fly and took her to join her new family of 3 other rescue felines.

Konee has always been brave and a fighter and she made it safe to the UK with her new parents who will never abandon her and will give her a lifetime of love and security.

Lily Adopted-Now in Sweden!
Lily and her 7 siblings were brought to the centre when their mum was found under a house with the new born puppies in an area where they were in danger. Almost the whole family found homes when they were young but Lily and Rosie remained at the centre until Sebastian and his family came across Lily on their holiday. It was almost love at first sight when they decided almost instantly to adopt Lily.

She flew to Sweden in March 2016 and loves her new family especially her human sister and brother.

DAM Adopted-Now in Finland!
Dam came to Time for Lime as an abandoned dog and decided not to leave and lived there with his best buddy Deng.

But he found his forever family when he came to live at LAW when Sonja and Eetu found him. They were smitten by Dam’s cool and intelligent personality.

Dam’s was always a smart boy taking bike rides, swimming and now learning Finnish now we hear.


Brownie Adopted-Now in Finland!
Brownie ‘s story as well as her adoption is one amazing tale.

She was an unwanted girl who got unlucky with wherever she went and from what we knew she was being passed around from place to place and long story short she met with an accident and came to the centre with an injured hip. She recovered fully but we kept her fearing for her accident prone life.Almost a year later Riita and Ese turned up at the centre looking for Brownie. The previous year when they were on Lanta they had been looking after Brownie until she went missing. It seems this was when Brownie met with her accident and was brought to LAW. Ese and Riitta returned to look for her AND to take her home. So our lovely Brownie went to Finland to the parents who she truly belongs to and is her best self going for walks proudly telling everyone in Finland how she is the luckiest girl in the world.

ROLO Adopted-Now in UK!
Rolo was last of the Muffin pups to get adopted waited almost year to find her forever family. It was meant to be as Rolo’s adopter Kate saw pictures of her a year ago and fell in love with her. When Kate finally visited LAW and met Rolo she knew she was going to have her and join her family of rescued animals back home.

Lucky Rolo who has now discovered TV and many many new friends through her Dad’s Creche, flew to the UK March 2016.

Ollie Adopted-Now in Sweden!
Ollie and his siblings were dumped in the nearby rubber plantation inside a bag when they were tiny pups. They were all such darlings being very sweet natured and affectionate. While Millie, Chester and Kobe were adopted almost immediately, Ollie had to wait a while before he got lucky.

Cecilia and Paul in October 2015 met Ollie and decided he was the one for them. Here he is now in Sweden as always smiling and loving life and celebrating his first White Christmas.

Muffin and Cookie Adopted-Now in UK!
Muffin came to LAW, emaciated  and ill with blood parasites on top of being pregnant with 5 pups who were later born at the centre: Buttons, Twix, Freddo ad Wispa and Rolo. She was one affectionate dog and stole the heart of Eve who volunteered with us.

Cookie was a neglected Shi-tzu who had many issues with her sensitive skin and kept returning too frequently for treatment. The owners gave her up and life only got better for Cookie afterwards because she is now in the UK living a pampered life as any dog should.

Both Cookie and Muffin flew to the UK in December 2015 with one of one of our volunteers who was their FV.

owen jessie sleep Owen Adopted-Now in Canada!
Owen has been at LAW forever! He also lived through many health problems but still managed to come back strong and cuter! It was a surprise when a young lady from Canada offered Owen a forever home. Normally people go for the young pups or young adults but we knew this was a special and a true connection between Owen and Jess who adopted him. It was a long flight home for Owen but he still has a few lives left so made it safe and sound and has a deep bond with his new owner. He has been spoilt rotten we hear as soon as he got there so Owen is starting over his life and we wish him years of joy and love ahead.
Jess Adopted-Now in Canada!
Jess was a stray dog who came to LAW for treatment and she always had problems with her back legs. She stayed here for a while due to her ongoing treatments until again one of our volunteers fell in love with her. Jess left to her new home in Canada October 2015!


Sydney-Adopted to Switzerland!
Sydney was found abandoned on the side of the road with her sister Leura. Skinny and malnourished they only needed some TLC and lots of food to gain their strength and start looking brighter.Meanwhile Lily one of our volunteers fell in love with Sydney and soon after she went back home she decided she wanted to offer Sydney a home with her.Sydney flew to Switzerland, again with one of our former Volunteers in October 2015. Sydney is now nothing like the tiny kitten she was when she was found instead is a chubby, happy feline enjoying the Alps and Fondu!
Mami-Adopted to Germany!
Mami was a malnourished lonely kitten that was found by Elise and her boyfriend at a resort they were staying during their holiday here in Koh Lanta. Mami was brought to LAW but by then he had already stolen Elise’s heart so it didn’t take her long to decide to adopt Mami.

Mami stayed at LAW running around free with other cats until he was ready to  fly to Germany.

He was finally reunited with Elise in August 2015 and Elise was thrilled to see he was still the same cat she fell in love with last December.

Caramel Adopted-Now in France!
Caramel was rescued from Krabi as a scrawny, timid little pup. A lady who was on holiday offered to adopt Caramel if we could help rescue her. Caramel grew into a lovable and an active little pup who was adopted to France and now lives a cushioned and luxurious life with her new sister and vineyards to run around in. Forgotten are those days when she was hungry pup living on the streets of Thailand
Spikey Adopted-Now in Austria!
Spikey was adopted by one of former volunteers- Sera to her home in Austria. As you can see Spikey couldn’t be happier in his new home after he flew there in September 2015 with another one of our volunteers who was his Flight Volunteer.


Buttons Adopted-Now in Sweden!
LAW was the only home Buttons and her 4 siblings knew since birth but she was lucky when Fredrick and his family fell in love with her when visiting LAW a few months ago. She flew to her new family in August 2015 and is settling in amazingly. Described as “a true sunshine to be around” Buttons is one lucky girl now having 5000 sqm all to herself to run around and explore but mostly love for a life!
  Patrick Adopted-Now in Sweden!
Patrick had a hard life with death threats  and what not (yes the boy had it hard) until he ended up at LAW. However, he soon grew irritable and sad because he needed more human contact and freedom than what we could give. He was lucky when Heidi and her family, who already had 2 of rescued dogs from LAW, after meeting him last year and hearing about how sad he was decided to give him a chance at being happy and look what he found!
  Jasmine Adopted- Now in UK!
Jasmine flew to Alix in July 2015 in the UK. Jas was one of those cats that just appeared out of nowhere at LAW and found by our staff one morning. She was a healthy and confident girl from beginning which made us suspect she must have been abandoned by her owners. We were happy that Alix fell in love with Jasmine and decided to offer her a forever home where she will never have to worry about being left high and dry.
Nam Wan Adopted- Now in UK!
Nam Wan was brought into the centre after been found abandoned in the nearby rubber plantation. One of our volunteers Victoria who was here at the time, fell in love with Nam Wan and wanted to give her a forever home. She flew to the UK  in June 2015.
  Jane Adopted- Now in Denmark!
Jane flew to her forever home in June 2015. Her family fell in love with her instantly when they visited LAW a few months back and decided to adopt her. She finally made the journey and is now having the best life ever a cat could wish for.
  Kobe Adopted- Now in Canada!
Christina who was volunteering at LAW fell in love with Kobe and did not hesitate to take him home with her. Kobe and his siblings were dumped as pups in the woods to die but were fortunate to be rescued by LAW.Kobe flew to Canada in April 2015 and is having the time of his life now chasing squirrels in his new backyard amongst other things!
  Twix Adopted- Now in Canada
Twix along with her 4 siblings were born at the centre,to Muffin,who came to us heavily pregnant.Twix was the first to be adopted and flew to Vancouver to live with Anna in April of 2015. She is happily enjoying her new home, meeting new people and basically having a great time as a doggie should be.
  Millie Adopted- Now in Sweden
Millie flew to her new home in Sweden in April 2015 to Els-Marie and Tony who had adopted dogs from LAW before. Millie was a bit shy when she was at LAW and we knew she needed a family who would give her a lot of attention to help her come out of her shell which is exactly what happened when she settled down in her new home. She has befriended Els-Marie’s other dogs and they are having such a great time together now.
  Honey Adopted- Now in Canada!
Honey is now in Canada with Mark who fell in love with her when he was on holiday and visited LAW and eventually decided to adopt her. So she flew to him to bask in all the love and attention that was awaiting for her in her forever home, in April 2015.
  Pin adopted- Now in Finland!
Pin flew to his forever home, in Finland in April 2015. Johanna and Markus his adopters were so excited to have this most amazing doggie be a part of their life. He has always been such a patient and affectionate boy and is now settling in well to his new life.Last we heard he has taken up running and is unstoppable and almost uncatchable!
Rocky adopted- Now in Finland!
The ever so confident Rocky flew to his forever home also in Finland in April 2015 to Henna and her lovely family. Rocky’s such a lucky boy who went through so much in his life losing a leg on the way only to come back stronger. We are so happy to see him settle in so well with his new family and partner in crime Tziko, Henna’s older dog.
Sandwich adopted – now in the UK!
Gorgeous Sandwich flew to his forever home in the UK, with adopter Stu in April 2015. Stu fell in love with Sandwich while working at LAW and the pair have finally been reunited!


  Denver adopted – now in Germany!
Handsome Denver flew to his new home with adopter Sarah in February 2015, after she fell in love with him while visiting the Lanta Animal Welfare Centre. He’s now settling into his new life in Germany.
 hope home2 Hope adopted – now in the UK! 
Beautiful Hope came to LAW in a horrible state – she had a huge wound on the size of her face, rotting and filled with maggots. It took many months for her to fully recover, but in February 2015, she travelled to her forever home with adopter Claire.
  Sammi adopted – now in the Netherlands! 
Sammi came to LAW with a irreparable broken leg which had to be amputated. That doesn’t stop her getting around though, climbing trees and stairs easily! In February 2015, she flew to her forever home with Gerd and Leone, previous adopters from LAW!
  Saam adopted – now in the USA!
LAW favourite Saam flew to his forever home in the USA in January 2015 to live with adopter Kerri. Saam was with LAW since the beginning and is a special needs dog with only 3 legs, but that hasn’t stopped him! We’re so happy he’s finally found a forever home!
  Murphy adopted – now in Sweden!
Gorgeous Murphy flew to his forever home in Sweden in January 2015! Murphy actually fell off the back of a truck on Lanta, but when the drivers couldn’t be traced, eventually Murphy was put up for adoption. It wasn’t long before he found his forever family and he’s very happy in his home!
  Sundae adopted – now in the UK!
Playful Sundae headed to his new home in the UK with adopters Charlotte and Nelson in December 2014. He was quite shy in a group but is really blossoming now he’s in a real family home!
  Rufus adopted – now in the UK!
Handsome Rufus flew home to the Bond family in December 2014, in time for Christmas! We miss him as he was such a character, but he’s having a great life in his new forever home!
  Bernie adopted – now in the UK!
Cuddly Bernie is now in the UK with her adopter Anneliese in December 2014. Bernie came to us with severe burns and it’s been a long recovery for her, but she’s back home, with a lovely new jumper to keep her warm while her fur is still growing back.
  Chilli adopted – now in the UK!
Loveable Chilli travelled to her forever home in the UK in December 2014, just in time for Christmas, after her adopter Toni fell in love with her while visiting.
  Toby – now in the UK!
Bouncy Toby traveled to the UK for Christmas 2014, and is settling in well to his forever home, with adopters David and Tiffany. We know he’s going to have a fantastic new life!
Rainbow adopted – now in Vietnam!
Gorgeous Rainbow flew to her forever home in Vietnam in December 2014! Adopter Cici fell in love with her when she volunteered at Lanta Animal Welfare, and couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her behind for long, so Rainbow went home to Hanoi!
Peanut adopted – now in Germany!
Handsome Peanut (now Tai), flew to Germany in November 2014, and is having a lovely time in his new home! Peanut came to LAW after Bianca and her partner rescued him from a cave in a very poor condition. Once he was old enough to fly, he rejoined them in Germany!
Snowflake adopted – now in Germany!
Beautiful Snowflake flew to Germany in November 2014, and is loving her new home. Snowflake the cat was found by Tatjana and her partner at a resort on the island, with a badly broken leg. She had been in a serious accident, probably hit by a car or a bike and her leg was shattered, so had to be removed. Once healed, she flew home to Tatjana again!
Doodle adopted – Now in Canada!
Lovely Doodle (on the left) was adopted to Canada at the end of October 2014, and joined adopter Michelle’s family, along with former LAW dog Thai (was DooDoo, on the right). Doodle was abandoned by her owners where she used to live & someone threatened to harm her. She found a home at a temple, but sustained leg injury & was picked on by the other dogs so she came to LAW before finding her forever home.
  Alai adopted – Now in the Netherlands!
Alai (now Somchai) flew to his forever home in the Netherlands in October 2014 and has made himself right at home with his new family. He loves riding around Amsterdam on the bike with the kids, and is having a lovely new life!
  Elvis adopted – Now in the Netherlands!
Elvis flew to his forever home in the Netherlands in October 2014 and settled in wonderfully with his adopter Inge, who fell for him while volunteering at LAW. Elvis fractured his pelvis in a number of places in a car accident, his owner brought him in for treatment but never returned so he became part of the LAW family.
 spot Spot adopted – Now in Denmark
Spot flew to her forever home in Copenhagen in July 2014 and has been reunited with her brother Toto (laid down) who was also adopted from Lanta Animal Welfare. She’s doing really well and is having a fantastic new life with her family!
 100_0597 Lanta adopted locally!
Lovely Lanta has finally found her forever home, right here on Koh Lanta! In August 2014, she went to join Tom and his family, and her former packmate Belle, who the family also adopted earlier in the year. She’s settling in really well with the family and their other animals!
Doris Doris adopted – Now in the UK!
Little Doris, now named Bonnie, is now in her forever home with adopter Vicki. She flew to Amsterdam and then travelled onto the UK in May 2014, and is settling into her new home, with her comfy bed, very well!
 vvv_buchi flinky Buchi and Flinky adopted – Now in the UK!
Friends Buchi and Flinky are now in her forever home with adopters Robyn and Aaron. The pair flew to Amsterdam and then travelled onto the UK in May 2014, and they are both settling in well, going on runs with Aaron and enjoying being pampered!
 momma4 Momma adopted – Now in Sweden!
Gentle Momma, now called Singha, was adopted by Kent and his family who saw what a lovely, sweet dog she is on a visit to LAW. She flew to Stockholm in February 2014, and she’s settling into her new home really well, and has made good friends with the family’s other dog Pancho!
 Woody2 Woody adopted – Now in Sweden!
Woody flew to Stockholm in February 2014 with his new adopters Linus and Josefin, who visited the centre and who also accompanied Woody back to Sweden with Houben and Momma, who were also adopted to Sweden.
houben home Houben adopted – Now in Sweden
Cute, adventurous Houben flew to Stockholm in February 2014. He was a great choice for Viola and her family, who chose to give Houben his forever home with them in Sweden after falling in love with him on a visit to LAW.
spotty Dtua Lai adopted – Now in Sweden!
Little Dtua Lei (now called Spotty) came to LAW last year, when her owner dropped her in our reception and ran away, leaving this beautiful young lady behind. Dtua Lei’s adoption was a case of love at first sight! Adopter Anna-Lena has adopted previously from LAW, taking home Tod the cat and Cookie the dog last year, but when she saw Dtua Lei on our facebook page, she knew she’d fit right into her family and would make a great sister for Cookie to play with. Spotty flew to Copenhagen, then went onto Gothenburg, Sweden, in February 2014.
 IMG_61 Dok Dek adopted  – Now in Copenhagen!
DokDek came to LAW after he was found with a serious wound caused by boiling oil being poured over his head. He also had an old eye injury and was in need of a lot of veterinary attention and love. He made a full recovery and cuddled, kissed and nibbled his way into the hearts of everyone at LAW. He’s such a lovely, gentle guy, and it was bittersweet to see him go – he’s always been such a feature at LAW – but for him to have the chance of a permanent family home is amazing, and we’re all so pleased for him and his adopters.
Dave Dave adopted – Now in Vancouver!
Handsome Dave is now in his forever home in Vancouver! Dave came to us with his friend Doris after neighbours at the resort where they lived wanted to kill them for religious reasons. Adopter Erin fell in love with Dave’s sweet personality after volunteering at LAW and arrangements were made for Dave to join her in Canada.Dave flew to Canada in February 2014. He’s settling in well, and we’re sure he’ll have a great time in his new home.
  Lila – Now in Sweden!
Lovely Lila flew to Copenhagen in January 2014, to go into foster while she found her forever home…it didn’t take long before she was fully adopted and on her way to Sweden, where she loves exploring on the beach.
 9_91 Toto adopted – Now in Copenhagen!
Gorgeous Toto is now in his forever home, after flying to Copenhagen in January 2014. Gry and his family fell in love with Toto on a visit, thanks to his cuddly personality. After spending time with Toto, it was decided he was a great match! Toto is settling into his new home well, and loves playing with the children in particular. We’re so happy he’s found his forever home!
Dtua Lek Dtua Lek adopted – Now in Germany!
In January 2014, Dtua Lek, meaning ‘Little One’ in Thai, traveled to Copenhagen, where she was met by her lovely new German adopters, who live just over the border. They met Dtua Lek on a visit to the LAW centre and after taking her for a few walks, and spending time with her, they knew she would be a great addition to their family!
IMG_2058 Belle – Adopted on Koh Lanta!
Belle was adopted in November 2013 by local man Tom and his family, who chose her after several visits to the LAW centre. Belle gets on wonderfully with the family’s children and other dog, so we are sure she’ll have a happy home here on Koh Lanta!
Coco in Amsterdam Coco adopted – Now in Amsterdam!
In October 2013, Coco flew to her forever home, to reunited with adopters Jiska and Igor. Coco was rescued from a neighbouring island as a puppy, before coming to LAW to get ready for her trip to Amsterdam and wait out her quarantine.
Emily in Amsterdam Emily adopted – Now in Amsterdam!
In October 2013, beautiful Emily flew to her forever home with adopter Leone. Emily was brought in to LAW by a tourist in 2010, with a very badly broken front leg. The leg was incredibly infected and had it been left much longer, Emily would have almost certainly died. The only option was to amputate the leg. She gradually improved and made a full recovery.
IMG_0437 Tyrion – Adopted on Koh Lanta
Tyrion was dumped outside the LAW centre, tiny and with very little fur thanks to a severe skin condition. He soon made a full recovery and found his forever home locally in July 2013
goblin Goblin adopted – Now in Brussels!
Goblin was found in November 2012, at 4 months old and had a terrible infestation of scabies mites. His ears were so badly affected they were covered in a thick horrible crust, giving him his name, Goblin. Goblin finished his quarantine with us before her flew home to Belgium in July 2013.
lara Lara – Adopted on Koh Lanta
Lara was dumped with her sister Mala outside the LAW centre. They were both in good health and soon found their forever home on Koh Lanta in July 2013.
mala2 Mala – Adopted on Koh Lanta
Mala was dumped with her sister Lara outside the LAW centre.  They were both in good health and soon found their forever home on Koh Lanta in July 2013.
Uan2 Uan – Adopted on Koh Lanta
Uan arrived in September 2012, after local children tied a firework to her tail and lit it. Her tail and back end were severely burnt and she was in terrible pain. It took 2 months of intensive care for her skin to heal and even longer for the hair to grow back. She made a full recovery and was adopted locally in July 2013.
Luna Luna – Adopted on Koh Lanta
Lovely Luna has been adopted by local animal lovers who saw her while on a visit to LAW – she’s now in her forever home a short drive down the road!
Princess Lady adopted – Now in USA!
Lady flew to the US with her adopter Ali on 19th June 2013, and is now in her forever home! Ali fell in love with Lady (formerly Princess) during her time at LAW knew she’d have to take Lady home with her. We are sure Lady will be very happy in her new forever home.
Cookie Cookie and Tod adopted – Now in Sweden!
In May 2013, cute Cookie and cat Tod went to his new forever home in Sweden with adopter Anna-Lena. They’re settling in well and we’re sure they will love their new lives in their forever home!
P1030988 Rocket adopted – Now in Finland!
Handsome Rocket is now in his forever home in Finland after being adopted by Ida. He first flew to Sweden before continuing onto Finland by boat. He’s now settling in well and loving his new Finnish life!
Charlie Barley (was Charlie/Chewie) adopted – Now in the UK!
In April 2013, Barley went to his new forever home in the UK with adopters Niki and Lisa. He’s settled in well and is loving his life with his new family!
Tarzan1 Tarzan adopted – Now in Vancouver!
Handsome, 3 legged Tarzan is now in his forever home in Vancouver, Canada. He now lives with his adopter Shannon and her family’s other dogs, and is having a lovely time!
Pepsi_web Pepsi adopted – Now in Sweden!
Beautiful Pepsi is now in her forever home in Sweden, with adopter Heidi and her family. Pepsi is now used to the snow and is growing a lovely thick coat to keep her warm!
Long was being fed every day by a member of staff at Time for Lime after he followed her to work. We integrated him with a pack of dogs at LAW and treated him for what was a very bad case of mange (skin parasite) and open sores.After visiting LAW over several days, spending time playing with Long and taking him for walks, a wonderful couple from Sweden have decided to adopt him! He will be leaving LAW in the coming months and heading for his new home; thank you to our Swedish friends for giving him a new life!
Zip has a special story: a very traditional Muslim landowner rescued her from danger at the side of the road. Being Muslim, he wasn’t allowed to touch dogs, so he put plastic bags around his hands and picked her up! He then brought her to LAW.Zip’s story has a happy ending because she has been adopted and will soon be on her way to Norway and her forever home!
Zip in Norway!
Having arrived at LAW in the back of a van in November 2010 with Dolly (his Mum, see below) and five brothers and sisters, our little Rufus will shortly be winging his way to England!Thanks to Toni and Kirsty, two former LAW volunteers, for giving him a new home!
Rufus in England!
An American lady staying at a resort on Koh Lanta brought Punk in to be sterilised. As the resort was in an area notorious for poisoning dogs, we decided to keep Punk at LAW. We named her after the cool mohawk that runs all the way down her back!We are delighted that such a gentle dog has now found a new home in England, with former volunteer Maureen! We are going to miss her terribly; she was popular with volunteers and visitors alike but we are so happy she has been adopted. Thank you Maureen!
Punk in England!
Dolly and her six puppies came to us in 2010 in the back of a van. A gentle, loving dog, she was adored by all our volunteers and got her lucky break when one of them, Jeanette from Denmark, adopted her!Dolly arrived in Denmark in September 2011 and is settling in well in her new country! Thank you Jeanette!
Dolly in Denmark!
Chang was brought to us in August 2011, having been found at the side of the road by a tourist couple. He was covered in used motor oil, masking a parasitical skin condition which left him with no fur. We cleaned Chang up and fed him for a few days, but then he developed rickets and had to wear splints for a while, which he used to tap dance around our kitchen!Then one day, a lovely local lady called Nui came to visit looking for a puppy to adopt. Now Chang has a fantastic new home in Klong Dao. We’ve been to visit, it’s a wonderful place and he is clearly very happy there!
Chang in his new home!