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NOTE: most of our adoptable dogs have already been rabies titre tested in preparation for travel to the EU, they have their certificates and are ready to go!
We have nearly 30 dogs at Lanta Animal Welfare, available for adoption. Here are a few of THEM!!!!!
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BRIEF HISTORY:  Tequila came with her 7 puppies to the centre. She stayed with her babies until they were old enough to be on their own. Due to her laid back temperament and because she really had nowhere to go, she ended up staying at the centre in the hope of finding a home of her own

Ready to fly to anywhere but to the UK/EU in March 2017

CHARACTER: Tequila is a shy girl but she is slowly coming out of her shell and really starting to bond with people. She seem to prefer the quiet life with minimal disruptions which means she easily gets along with other dogs.Tequila is learning the ways of the human world slowly and has shown plenty of affection once she makes a connection.

However, walking doesn’t seem to be one of her favorite things to do at the moment. But hey! exercise isn’t everyone’s thing is it?

If you visit us, please go and say hello to Tequila and her friends and meet this lovely lady who is looking for a comfortable stress free home.


pix- Thanks to Jessica Ryttberg


SYDNEY- adopted to Sweden
BRIEF HISTORY:  Sydney was found collapsed on the side of the road when a tourist found him. He was brought to the centre for emergency treatment. We searched for his owner but it looked like he was abandoned. Not knowing where he came we decided to offer his shelter until we find a good for him. He has been with us since July 2016

Ready to fly to anywhere

CHARACTER: Sydney is a little bit shy but since being at the centre he has slowly started to be more adventurous. So he takes a tiny bit of time to warm upto people but always curious about everyone and everything Sydney would love a family who can go slow with him and take their time gaining his trust. He does love the company of children and thinks cats are cool to hang out with too!

He enjoys his walks as he loves to explore and look out for those birds and monkeys on the trees. In fact you can see his inner confidence shine when he is out and engaged by new things.


OSCAR- adopted to Holland
BRIEF HISTORY:  Oscar had an owner once and was seen around the streets of Saladan as a happy go lucky dog who even visited the nearby pubs on his own enjoying the music and the human company.

However, a few months ago we noticed that he was making his way south of the island and following tourists around. He still seemed happy but slowly with low season approaching it was a concern as we found out he was now orphaned on the island with no known whereabouts of his owner! So we took him in a few months ago hoping to find a forever home for him with a lovely family.

Ready to fly to anywhere but to the UK/EU after September 2016

CHARACTER: Oscar by nature is an affectionate dog getting along with other dogs and people. He is always been a macho dog so needs a bit of reminding about what he needs to do and not to do but he loves people that he in the end he will always oblige so he needs someone to show him boss and you would have found a gorgeous and loyal friend for life. 



PENANG-adopted locally
BRIEF HISTORY: Penang and his sibling came to us as unwanted puppies. While his sibling soon found a home Pengang is still waiting to find a place of his own.

CHARACTER: Penang is still a puppy so is waiting to find his place in the world which is why it is great to find him a home soon as easier it will be to make him reach his potential. He gets along with other dogs well.

Ready to fly to anywhere but to the UK/EU after November 2016



pix- Thanks to Jessica Ryttberg
JANGO- adopted to USA
BRIEF HISTORY:  Jango was a stray dog brought in due to fears that she may come into harm during the low season with no one to care for her.

CHARACTER: Jango is a quieter character in comparison with her playmates. She is calm and very sweet natured and would prefer a more relaxed environment to go with her personality. However she likes other dogs and children and her best friends are Jango and Sydney.

Ready to fly to anywhere but to the UK/EU after November 2016


Bic 3 (1) BIC- adopted to Canada
BRIEF HISTORY: Bic belonged to a local who brought him to the centre for treatment for an infected maggot wound.

But that wasn’t all that was wrong with Bic, he had been owned by people who didn’t have a clue about how to look after a highly intelligent breed like  German Shepard who need a lot of exercise and stimulation to keep them healthy body and mind.We offered to help Bic find a proper home with people who knew what it takes to look after a German Shepard so he is currently at the centre and we want to find him a home ASAP, preferably in Koh Lanta or in Thailand.

CHARACTER: Despite not having the best life the last 5-6 years Bic has managed to retain his sweet nature. Not only is he a very intelligent and a great companion to have, he is also a great exercise buddy who will keep you motivated to stick to your fitness regime!But most of all he really is such a softie as our volunteers have found out in the short period he’s been with us!


BRIEF HISTORY: We were contacted by a local restaurant after Shep arrived on their door step looking thin and lost. The restaurant that was originally looking after her had closed for low season and just left her to fend for herself. We took her to LAW to be sterilised but couldn’t put her back because the area where she was from was not the safest with all resorts closed for the low season.She is now part of the adoption program and looking for her forever home. 

CHARACTER: Shep is filled with tons of energy! Extremely playful and loves going on walks. We are currently doing basic training with her, but like any young dog, she will need someone to continue this with her once she is in a home. 

She would need someone who has experience with dogs to show her who is boss. If you are looking for an active partner to explore the great outdoors, we highly recommend our beautiful Shep but as your only canine partner.

She’s also not a fan of cats!

N.B: 70 % of Shep’s adoption costs are sponsored


BRIEF HISTORY: She was abandoned by construction workers on the island when she was only 3 months old.

CHARACTER: She now loves to be around, people. She’s good with kids and is also fine around cats. She normally likes to lie around and chill but still likes to play and run when in the mood. She gets on fine with most dogs and although normally a quiet one, she knows exactly how to put most of the younger dogs in her pack in their place when they are misbehaving. She is a petite medium size 

See a video of Noodle here.


BRIEF HISTORY: The gorgeous Lipe came from the island of Koh Lipe and was brought to LAW so we could have a look at his back leg which he was limping on. After xrays and assessments we discovered that Lipe’s break was old and had mostly healed by itself. Lipe was a beach dog and had people that would feed him but not his own family. Since he is such a fantastic character we decided to try and find him his own family because he deserves it! CHARACTER: Lipe is a an amazing dog, playful and loving. He is great with cats  and is a hit with all our volunteers and visitors.  Lipe is a very happy boy and is always wagging his tail. He has recently discovered the fun that can be had with toys and balls and is learning to play fetch.


BRIEF HISTORY: Her name means ‘chubby’ in Thai, however Puiy has lost a lot of weight since we named her! Dumped on the road along with her three sisters as a puppy, she had problems with her teeth and lost most of the front ones. She’s the only survivor of the litter; her sisters died of parvo disease. CHARACTER:Always quiet and calm. Very obedient and will come to you when you call her. APPROX YEAR OF BIRTH:2005


BRIEF HISTORY: Came to LAW as a small puppy with several broken bones, after being hit by a car. We treated him and now he is as good as new and ready to be adopted! CHARACTER: Pumpkin is very playful and affectionate and also good with other dogs. He is  a bit of a clown and loves fooling around and can be the most sweetest character you’ve ever seen. Pumpkin needs some serious lovin’ that not everyone can give. If you are special, Pumpkin will know because there really is no one like Pumpkin out there.


BRIEF HISTORY: Buddy was brought from Koh Phi Phi in very poor condition, underweight and with very bad skin. He has now made a full recovery and is looking for his forever home.

CHARACTER: A loveable, cheeky boy. He has a sense of adventure and is dying for some of action in his life.He is incredibly sweet, playful and with the right home will be an amazing dog.

He isn’t the best with cats and not all dogs are his friends as he likes to pick an choose his canine buddies and ideally would do great on his own.

YEAR OF BIRTH: June 2012

BRIEF HISTORY: Sanchez came to us from a sea gypsy village near Old Town with a large wound on his neck, having been attacked by a group of dogs. His wound healed up in late 2010 so we released him, but had to take him back when it reopened soon after.CHARACTER: A gentle, friendly dog, Sanchez likes nothing better than lying down on the sofa and having his belly rubbed. He is not good with cats though!




BRIEF HISTORY: Wayne once belonged to someone but was abandoned near Saladan in Koh Lanta. He lived by the sea forlonging for love and attention which the other dogs couldn’t understand, so they started to pick on him and made Wayne’s life even more miserable. Slowly Wayne started to lose his lovely black coat and developed a skin irritation that needed to be treated regularly. It seemed he never really recovered fully from this heartbreak and couldn’t cope on his own. In the end we brought Wayne to the center to see if we could find him another new owner who can love him for life. CHARACTER: Wayne is a very laid back boy and nothing really bothers him. He gets on well with dogs, cats, people and any other creature that comes his way. He has got very attached to our founder Junie and she is really the love of his life (for the moment!!!). APPROX YEAR OF BIRTH: 2011
BRIEF HISTORY: Aladdin was brought in as a puppy for an injury he had but, he couldnt go back to where he was because the area was deemed to be unsafe. So the boy stayed back to see if he could capture the heart of someone who’d give him a loving and safe home.CHARACTER: Aladdin doesnt care about what other people or dogs think of him. So we need someone who can make him realize it is a bit impolite to be that over confident about himself. However if you ever wanted to enter a dog to the World’s fastest eating contest well here is your best candidate on this side of Thailand. After all of his cheeky moves end of the day he will know to look at you with those heart melting brown eyes and you know he’s got you for life!

N.B- Aladdin’s adoption costs are partly sponsored .

YEAR OF BIRTH: June 2015