Adopt a cat

We have over 50 cats at Lanta Animal Welfare, available for adoption or looking for sponsors. Below is just a small selection.
Can’t adopt right now? How about sponsoring an animal? A monthly donation of a sum of your choice can go towards the care of any animal you choose.

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Born: Early 2014
 Little Aria was hit by a car and suffered serious head trauma with severe neurological issues. Her chances of survival were slim, but over the following days, she fought her way back to life. She is now well and looking for a new home.
Character: She isn affectionate girl but can be a bit shy at first so takes a bit of time to make friends.Health: sterilized and undergoing vaccinations.
LOUISE                                          Born: 2012
Thelma, Louise and Lola were strays brought over from Lanta Noi by local people who wanted them sterilised. However what they didn’t want was to take them back again. They were subsequently never claimed and joined the LAW family. Character: Louise is a big fan of chilling out and enjoying the easy life.  She is sweet and affectionate. cat.Health: Good, sterilized and vaccinated.


Born: Late 2011
 Abandoned outside the centre, suffering from a bad skin condition, she was treated and is now back in great health, looking for a loving, new home.
Character: Sweet, loving and playful young cat.
Health: Good, sterilized and vaccinated.
KARIN-adopted locally
Born: Early 2014
Karin and her 4 kittens were brought to us for neutering but the owners never came back for them. They were moved away from other cats to safeguard them from disease, and fostered by the LAW staff. All her babies got adopted but Karin is still here waiting to charm someone into giving her home.
Character: Beautiful but dominant, she is best on her own. She’ll follow you around wanting to be centre of attention. She has her a fun side too and will try to play with you as you pass by.
Health: Good, sterilized and fully vaccinated.
Molly MOLLY-adopted locally
Born: Approx. 2006
Found by one of our volunteers on the beach, she had been poisoned, either accidentally or deliberately, and was having very bad seizures, and losing consciousness. She was brought in for emergency treatment and thankfully responded well. No one came to claim her so she has been here ever since.
Character: Friendly charmer, who loves cuddles.
Health: Good. Sterilized and vaccinated.
Born: Approx. 2010Background: Daisy and her sister were found one morning dumped on the floor in our isolation unit. They were about 6 weeks old. Her sister was adopted locally but Daisy is still waiting to find a new home.Character: Very sweet, quiet and affectionate. She moved herself to the newly built staff accommodation and now loves to snooze preferably on a shelf with clothes on. Happiest on her own.Health: Good. Sterilized and vaccinated.
12788027_1081085025270086_95676472_n BLACK JACK
Born: Mid 2015
 Black Jack and his siblings were looked after by a builder who was at the centre while some construction was going on and slowly as it happens Black Jack et al., joined the LAW family moving not only to the centre but to our hearts and rooms as well.
Character: As all black cats are, Black Jack is amazingly affectionate. He has a great balance of people time and him alone time. But when he comes to you he wants your undivided attention and you ‘ll know you wouldn’t want to give him anything less than that anyway.He is very gentle and gets along with everyone: cats, people and maybe even dogs. He is a brave boy who likes hunting and playing at night exploring all the dog areas to make sure All’s Ok for the dogs to go into the next morning!!
Health: Great shape, Sterilized and vaccinated.
GUINNESS-adopted locally
Born: Early 2014
 Tayto and Guinness were found by our volunteers having been abandoned outside a local bar. They were in serious danger of being run over so the volunteers scooped up the tiny terrified pair and brought them back. They were in good health, just in need of lots of love, care and good food. Now fully vaccinated, loving little Guinness is looking for his new home.
Character: Friendly and affectionate Guiness is very gentle and loves to hang around the front of the centre to greet all visitors. He is very calm and has never known to get into trouble or be naughty. He will do extremely well with other cats as he fits right in with no trouble at all.
Health: Good. Sterilized and vaccinated.
Date of Birth: Early 2014
Background: Tayto and Guinness were found by our volunteers having been abandoned outside a local bar. They were in serious danger of being run over so the volunteers scooped up the tiny terrified pair and brought them back. They were in good health, just in need of lots of love, care and good food. Now fully vaccinated, loving little Tayto is looking for his new home.
Character: Friendly and affectionate cat who loves to play, chase bugs and have cuddles.
Health: Good. Sterilized and vaccinated.
BOBBY-Now in Germany

Born: 2013

Background: Bobby and his siblings were brought to us by a local couple who found some young children throwing rocks at them. They were covered in cuts and grazes and Bobby had a nasty eye injury. One of the rocks had caught the left side of his face resulting in a severely scratched and painful eye and a very swollen face.  There are no signs of his wounds anymore and he has grown into a handsome boy.  Character: Bobby is a cheeky monkey who knows every hiding place inside the centre. He loves to sneak in to find the cosiest spots to lie. He can usually be found where he will get the most attention. He knows this is the way to catch the eye of our visitors who just might fall in love with his amazing personality and take him home with them.                                                Health: Healthy, well and active. Fully vaccinated and sterilised.

Born: Early 2014
 One of 4 kittens, the family was abandoned outside the centre in the early hours of the morning.
Character: Clever little kitten who enjoys playing with all his friends here. When he’s tired, he loves to climb up into one of the hammocks for some cuddles with volunteers.
Health: Good. Sterilized and vaccinated.
BAGHEERA Born: 2012

Background: Beautiful Bagheera was not quite so handsome when we first met him. LAW staff found him hanging out behind the centre with cat flu and a very bad scabies infection on his ears and face. We took him in and after about six weeks of intensive treatment both conditions were treated and he was a lot happier, healthier and a little bit fatter too. With no one for him to go back home to, he joined the LAW family.

Character: Loves people. If he sees you patting another cat he will try his luck by following you around.

Health: Fully vaccinated and sterilised


KINGSLEY Born: 2014

Background: Kingsley’s story is a common one, he was found outside the shelter late one evening,  just another neglected kitten, unwanted and unloved. He was in good health, super friendly and very hungry. We took him in and after a few good meals and some worming pills he soon began putting on weight and really began to shine. He is such a sweet kitten and is looking for a forever home now.

Character: Amazingly friendly and full of fun. Kingsley is a playful kitten who gets along well with other cats.

Health: Good. Sterilized and vaccinated.

sunset SUNSET
Born: Approx. 2012
Sunset and his sister were dumped on the doorstep of LAW in March 2012. They were only 6 weeks old and in perfect health. They were kept until they were old enough to be sterilized and vaccinated and then were integrated in with our other cats. His sister Sunshine was quickly adopted but Sunset is still waiting to find his home.
Character: Friendly and adventurous boy who likes to explore around the centre, hiding and playing in the grass. He is also really the boss of the Lanta Animal Welfare cats, making sure all his friends are safe and sound.
Health: Good. Sterilized and vaccinated.
JUNIOR Born: Approx. 2014
Junior joined the LAW family at a very young age. He was abandoned at the centre late one night and somehow managed to sneak his way into one of our volunteers’ bedrooms! Although tiny, he was in good health and this spritely little one has gone from strength to strength
Character: Not afraid of anything and loves playing with people and other cats. He even loves dogs and most dogs instantly love him back.
Health: Good. Sterilized and vaccinated. He might possibly think he is a dog too.
RAGNAR -now in Bangkok

Born: Approx.2014

Background: Ragnar and his friends lived outside our previous manager’s house. They just appeared at their doorstep, possibly dumped. Eventually they moved to the staff accommodation and couldn’t believe their luck that they could get into bedrooms and beds.

Character: Ragnar has had a character transformation recently. He has now become the master of the house. He knows he is above all other cats and loves to tell them off when they step off line. He is still the cheekiest monkey ever and loves hanging out inside and outside where he  finds plenty of time to play, groom and of course looking like boss.

Health: He had a deformed paw digit which was removed recently because it was causing him a lot of stress. He has recovered fully from it and has only made him stronger if not may have been the cause for the aforementioned character transformation ????

PETER PAN Born: 2014 

Background: Peter (recently renamed Peter Pan) was one of four kittens found by LAW staff whilst on a mobile clinic on the island Lanta Noi. The staff were just driving away on the last day of the clinic when they caught sight of the four tiny kittens dumped on the roadside. They were scared and far too young to be separated from their mother, there was no choice but to pick them up and bring them back to the centre. With good food and a warm bed the kittens began to thrive. The three others have already found new homes on the island but little Peter is still looking for his.
Character: Peter  is always seen around at the centre, waiting for attention. You can’t you miss him with his curled up bob tail! He is a very affectionate cat who loves cuddles. He is a curious boy and is great company

Health: Good. Sterilized and vaccinated.