Sterilisation saves lives

We believe sterilisation is the only humane way to reduce the numbers of unwanted kittens and puppies. It also has several health benefits, leading to happier, healthier lives for all our animals.
In January 2010, Lanta Animal Welfare opened its doors as the first animal Sterilisation Centre on Koh Lanta. We welcome owners and locals to bring their animals to us for sterilisation. We also go out every day catching stray dogs and cats on Koh Lanta Yai and neighbouring Lanta Noi.
Every animal undergoing sterilisation receives rabies vaccination. There have been no reported cases of Rabies on the island for over 15 years and we want to keep it that way.

LAW needs your help to save lives……..

Please look out for any stray animals during your stay that may need sterilising and let us know [email protected]

We can sterilise animals from 2 months old and so we can identify them again we make small tattoo marks on the inside of their ear flaps. For more fractious animals we also clip the tip of their right ear so they are easier to recognise at a distance. If the animal is friendly you may be able to check for these marks first.

By funding sterilisation of just one animal you can save the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of unwanted cats and dogs.

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Sterilised animals are at less risk of road traffic accidents, cancer and life threatening infections.

There is no benefit to them having a season or a litter prior to sterilisation. It is a myth that they miss their organs and opportunity to reproduce or rear a litter.

Kittens and puppies can breed from around 4-5 months old.

They will breed with their parents, brothers and sisters.

We can sterilise dogs and cats safely from 2 months old.

One female cat can produce 3 litters every year. This can be harmful for the cat, and left uncontrolled can lead to 2 million unwanted kittens born within 8 years!

Hormone injections used in Thailand are NOT a safe alternative to sterilisation in dogs and cats.