Mobile Clinics

We regularly run mass sterilisation and vaccination programmes on neighbouring islands and mainland areas, which have no other veterinary help. We also give first aid to any sick and injured animals we find along the way.

Since 2013, we have been very fortunate to have the support of a German charity WTG, who generously fund six of these clinics. Without this we simply could not afford to reach these areas in need.
In 2015 our volunteer team sterilised and vaccinated over 400 cats in 4 days on Koh Phi Phi. This work involves long hours, team work and total dedication.

To help us continue this extremely important work, please consider donating. The more support we have the more areas and animals we can help.



When I first came to Koh Jum in 2011, I like many tourists was shocked at the amount of stray cats and dogs on the island, they just seemed to be everywhere. After being here a couple of months I decided that I wanted to make a new life here, but the problem of the suffering animals upset me so much that I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay without trying to do something about it. Around that time I had heard that Lanta Animal Welfare carried out a mobile clinic on the nearby island of Koh Phi Phi so I contacted them to ask if they would be able to come to Koh Jum. They were very enthusiastic about coming over so in 2012 the first mobile clinic, funded by WTG was carried out here and we managed to sterilize over 240 cats and dogs in five days. Every year since, with the support of WTG there has been a clinic on Koh Jum and we have now sterilized well over 1,000 animals. The difference here between now and 2012 is unbelievable, it is not often that I see any unwanted cats here and the stray dog population is declining substantially. In addition to this I have learnt from LAW how to treat many injuries and illnesses and been supplied with the knowledge and medicines to do so. They also allow me to send over to them any animals that are beyond my basic skills over to the clinic on Koh Lanta and treat them for me. A few times a year I also take over 15 or so cats for sterilization and they always go out of their way to get them all done on the same day so I can get the boat back home. All in all Lanta Animal Welfare has made a massive difference to the suffering of unwanted and stray animals here on Koh Jum and for that I will be eternally grateful. -  John Sharkey

Stray mother dog feeding her cute little puppies which are sucking the milk.

John Sharkey

Welttierschutzgesellschaft e.V. funding our Mobile Clinics since 2013

Welttierschutzgesellschaft e.V. (WTG) is a Berlin/Germany based registered non-profit organisation.

Their vision is a world, in which animals are appreciated by people, treated according to their needs and with respect.In their work for animal welfare WTG focuses on countries and regions with little protection for animals. They aim at improving the situation for animals in the long term i.e. by providing veterinary care, by supporting animal sanctuaries and through educational work. WTG cooperates with local partner organisations and involves the people who are directly concerned.