Life saving work

As the only veterinary service on the island, we provide vital first aid for all animals, both owned and stray. We also promote vaccination and preventative healthcare. Animals are bought to us for many different conditions; from skin problems to road traffic accidents and poisonings. Stray
animals will sometimes stay with us for several weeks to ensure they are fit and well before they are re-released back where they came from. We are totally reliant on donations to cover our all of our medical costs. Please visit our donation page to support the sick and injured animals of Koh Lanta.

Coconut's Story

"I was only a few months old when a coconut fell from a tree and hit my back.  I lost the use of my back legs and had to drag myself around in the dirt until a local man found me and took me to Lanta Animal Welfare.  They didn't know where i came from nor my name!

The volunteers were very kind to me and nicknamed me ‘Coconut’ which eventually stuck and I didn't mind.

I had to go to the mainland for x-rays which showed I had a broken bone in my spine.  Nobody knew if I was going to get better but with lots of love and care, I was soon able to walk again.

The centre had become home but I still missed running and playing in the jungle so when my carer came looking for me after all this time I was so so happy.

These days you can find me running around the meditation centre in Khlong Hin, with a spring in my step and loving life.  Pop in and say hi if you are passing, I love a cuddle!"

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