Our Education Program

We believe that all change for the better begins with education. If we are to truly make a difference to the animals of this island, we must begin by talking to the children, who will go on to influence generations to come.

A lack of education is responsible for many of the cases of abuse and the overpopulation. With this in mind, we run an Animal Welfare Education Programme in local schools where we  talk about animals and how just like us they need food, shelter, medical care and love. We do this through a variety of fun, interactive games and role plays, where  the children get to express themselves and their feelings about animals and animal welfare.

Local schools visit us on a regular basis and we encourage children to bring their cats to be sterilized by us. We pick them up from the school, and return them to the kids the next day, happy, healthy, vaccinated and sterilized.

We also welcome all children to visit the centre, to meet the animals in our care and experience first hand what animals need.