About us and what we do

Lanta Animal Welfare was founded by Junie Kovacs in 2005. Her mission was to end the suffering of the hundreds of homeless, abused and injured animals on Koh Lanta. To date, we have sterilised and treated over 15,000 animals, and with your support we continue to grow helping more and more animals each year.

Behind the scenes

Thanks to Ross at WhereNextPhotography for producing this amazing video for us.

As Ross made this in 2011, some of the data has changed e.g. the amount of animals that have been treated and sterilised since we started. As of 2016 this amount is approx. 15,000. To continue this we need your support!

Life Saving Work

Find out what our vets and vet nurses get up to in the only vet clinic on the island.

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"By sterilising one male and one female cat, more than 2 million unwanted births can be prevented in just 8 years."
We believe sterilisation is the only long term humane way to end the homeless animal crisis.
YOU can be part of our mission.....

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Our Projects

We are always striving to improve the lives of animals both at the centre and the surrounding areas. Learn about and become part of these vital projects, from mobile clinics to state- of-the-art Cat Havens!

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A lack of education is responsible for many cases of abuse and the over population. See how we are trying to put things right...

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Lanta Animal Welfare is a recognized Foundation in Thailand and we are also a US registered charity.

Californian registration number: C3310077

USA Charity Registrations: EIN 46-1036210, and DLN 17053300355012

Thai Registration TIN number:
TechSoup Validation Token: [email protected]