Lanta Animal Welfare is a non profit charity based in  south west Thailand. We are dedicated to improving the lives of all animals, relieving pain and suffering.


At Lanta Animal Welfare we believe passionately that we all have a responsibility to protect the animals around us. We strive to raise awareness of the hardship of homeless, sick, and injured animals, the benefits of adopting an animal in need, and our mission to end the homeless animal crisis.

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Abused dogs need a safe haven with a kind-hearted Buddhist Monk, who has agreed to care for these poor dogs. But first, they need YOU. Please Donate here: You can build a dog haven, a safe place protecting dogs from abusers in the community. 54,000 THB is needed. That’s just $1,655 USD. The Monk […]

3 pups bad shapesmall

Before & After | Libby & May

Libby and May were rescued in July during a mobile clinic in Ko Libong along with two other dogs. They had been brought to our vets by a very kind local lady who had been feeding them. We took them back to our centre for treatment and, if possible, adoption. Despite being fed, these four […]


Our Rescue Efforts Need Flight Volunteers

Here at Lanta Animal Welfare we work tirelessly to find forever homes for our animals. We are an animal rescue, providing short-term shelter for animals that are returned to where they live once they have recovered from their trauma. However, many rescue animals cannot be returned due to safety and health issues. We’ve solved this problem by […]